Monday, January 31, 2011

Oriflame Bamboo Leaves & Olive Oil Repairing Hair Mask

The product that i am reviewing today is one of the cheapest hair mask that you can lay your hands on...And that too coming from Oriflame is an even bigger surprise for me...

Well i just got this product, purely cos i was bored, and it was at dirt cheap price....Also i love playing around with my shampoos and hair products a lot, But I havent ever changed my hair conditioner... This time i thought its been 4 years using the same Dabur Vatika, why not have a change...

I have been reading a lot that you should change your hair care products regularly as frequent usage of the same leads to product buildup and hair stops reacting to it...

Here's it

Product Description: A rich hair mask, combining the protective properties of olive oil with revitalising bamboo leaves, giving your hair essential care. After shampooing, simply massage onto hair from roots to tips. Leave for five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 20ml.

Price: 69Rs

My experience:
1) Smells good
2) Does make my hair soft, a decent condtioner
3) The sachet lasts for 2-3 washes, which if you calculate is more or less at par with market price, so i dont think its pricey or cheap :P
4) has a list of great ingredients like olive, bamboo leaves, which actually tempted me

1) The fragrance doesnt last longer than 5 mins.
2) Its nothing out of the world, so dont expect any miracles.
3) Doesnt fulfill its claim of being a repairing mask.

Since it comes in a sachet pack, you can just try it to get over your boredness...nothing else

Would you recommend: Its a decent product, the next time i get bored i might just


  1. Hey Rentu, nice review. From where do u purchase oriflame products in Pune?

  2. It sounds so tempting - olive & bamboo :)

  3. olive mask is something which i will love to try :)

  4. Herbal products are always tempting. :)

  5. olive masks are supposed to be great!!! it sounds good

  6. @sneha: thanks dear, my friend was an oriflame consultant i used to get it from her, but now she has relocated, so nowadays i have no oriflame products

    @tanveer, @anamika: exactly, its good for occasional use but not HG

  7. @nivedita: yes

    @anju: yep that was the reason i got tempted

  8. u knw rentu after my rice milk shampoo exp I would stay away from oriflame hair products...evn d whitenettle 1 for anti dandruff was bad :(

  9. You can buy Oriflame Products from any Oriflame consultant. In pune you can contact Jashmi on 9820850522.

  10. I'm searching about this product for years now. Did Oriflame stopped producing it?


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