Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lotus Black Clay Skin Whitening Facepack

This was the first face pack that i ever got, and i got it around 3 years back. After my marriage i had lot of breakouts, and my skin was full of blemishes, the reasons could be attributed to adjusting to a different family, being away from my parents my brother, and this took a toll on my skin...
This pack had come in as a saviour...

Product description:

Claywhite - Black Clay Skin Whitening Face Pack

Black clay is very rich in minerals and silica, helps brighten facial complexion. Bearberry extract, rich in arbutin, and liquorice extract help lighten facial complexion.
Directions for use:
Wash your face with Jojobawash and blot dry. Apply a generous amount of Claywhite on face and neck, leaving eyes. Relax till completely dry. Rinse with fresh water. Follow with Fairgel.

Active ingredients:

Black clay, bearberry extract, liquorice extract.

Price: 185 Rs for 120 gm

My experience:
1) It actually helps you in clearing off your pimples without blemishes.
2) Skin becomes soft and supple, evens out skin tone
3) Packaging is good
4) Doesnt leave your skin dry, but maintains the perfect balance of the right amount of  moistuation and taking off the excess oil
5) Little goes a long way, its a very thick creamy stuff, so i apply it on my damp face, as its difficult to apply on dry face
6) Available at almost all places
7) Has a mild tingling sensation, but not something you cannot adjust to

1) I hate the smell, it reminds you of the school days clay project that we did, wierd kind of smell
2) The pack says it has to left for 20 mins, trust me i dont have that kind of time or inclination i just leave it for 5 minutes/until it dries and the results are good, but i think writing on the pack as 20 mins is a turnoff for people like me who are super lazy and would nt prefer walking around like a black ghost

Would you recommend: Yes, i am already on my 4th tube :)


  1. whoa 4th tube??????? now THAT has to be some reaaaaaaallllyyyyyy goooooodddddd stuff. thanks for the review. will check em out soon :)

  2. I'm so glad u reviewed this, I was just chking it out this weekend myself :)

  3. ciao,

    I can't buy the products you wrote , but it's really interesting to read the ingredients and search something like it

    ave (Italy)

    new post!

  4. ohh..sounds very very'll be good for normal skin Rentu?

  5. sounds good. i love clay masks :)

  6. My hg packkk. Rentu we got something in common :D ...thanks for the review.

  7. other day i was about to buy this one but some how didn't glad u reviewed it:)

  8. Looks good. Would give this a try. Thanks for the review

  9. @anju: it works well for controlling my acne
    @tanveer: u r welcome :)
    @the white cabbage: thank you
    @rakshanda: it mentions for all skin type, its best if you suffer from acne problem
    @vanity: me too
    @beautydiva: samepinch
    @anamika: get it, its nice for our skin types
    @nivedita: welcome

  10. AIYOOOOO!!!


  11. @anamika: hehe, i loved the way u said aiyoo, typical mallu word...

    will do re, this week is going to be pretty calm, is what i guess :)

  12. dis sounds gud..!! wud check out..

  13. @bhumika: yup dear this is a nice value for money pack


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