Monday, February 14, 2011

Maybelline Ultra Liner Waterproof Liquid liner Review-Dark brown shade

I am a sucker for dark brown liquid eyeliners, and over the years, i have just used Elle, Lakme for liquid eyeliners. But i never found a dark brown shade in them, so i got it from Maybelline.

Product description: (From the website)


• Waterproof liquid liner delivers all-day wear
• No skipping, no smearing
• Precision brush for perfect application
• Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested                                                                                                                                                                                             • Contact lens safe


Start at the inner corner of your lid and apply along your entire lash line following the contour of your eye. For a more dramatic effect, apply slightly heavier at corners and line under lower lashes from mid-eye point to outer corner.  Removes easily with Expert Eyes® Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover.
Price: 225 Rs/-
My experience:
1) Absolute dark brown, i love the dark brown matte color that it delivers. I used the black one also, but the black didnt impress me.
For black's, i prefer my Elle
2) Water proof and stays put on for 8 hours, i have a habit of splashing water on my eyes, after every 4 hours, and it survived even after that. I must say i dont vigorously rub my eyes.
3) I like the brush, its good for getting perfectly lined eyes
4) I had no irritation

1) Its pricey for an eyeliner, i think
2) Only 2 shades, brown and black, i would have preferred some kind of purple shade...I would have sure shot bought it.

It is overall a nice product, but need to experiment more with colors, and the pricing needs to be good as well.


  1. i love the dark brown matte color too. thanks for this review..I'm going to check it soon.

  2. i use their black eye liner and love it. but for brown am currently using the clinique gel liner and i love it!

  3. @rakshanda: me too love dark brown color
    @anju: i have heard a lot about clinique gel liner in black, it seems its the blackest black, not sure though

  4. Interesting. If you have the black one could you swatch it for me please? Does it work on the lower lashline too?

  5. I had this in black - it is quite nice :)

  6. sounds good. even i'm thinking of getting a brown liner now

  7. i have this ..and like u i too like it ..u should also try shahnaz eye liner it is amazing:)

  8. i even heard HD raving bout it..sounds gud..I have d gala of london brown 1 rite now..hehe
    will try dis next..

  9. I have this in black and really like it!! Next I am gonna try brown now..
    @ Bhumika : Gala of london..hehe used that quite some years back in blue :D

  10. Great and thorough review! :)

  11. i love this liner it does provide a nice finish and yep stays on my eyelid from dusk till dawn! :)

  12. @nivedita: i dont have the black one, it is nice too, and yes it can be used on the lash line, since i have used the brown one at times.
    @tanveer: :)
    @vanity: i love brown eyeliners more than black ones, dont know why
    @anamika: i so want to buy atleast one shahnaz product, but i never bought any
    @bhumika: get it if you like matte brown eyeliners
    @bebeautyful: brown is really nice
    @barbie: thanks
    @rinz: thanks dear

  13. seems good. but im really not comfortable with liquid liners...:(


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