Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lakme Citrus blast facewash vs Lakme Melon Melt facewash

I have been using both Facewashes regularly, and since many blogs had done detailed review for each of the facewashes individually, i thought of comparing them, since i have had the pleasure of using both

Lakme Citrus blast
Product description: Detox your skin from the effects of grime and pollution with this rich creamy Face Wash with citrus extracts of mandarin & anti-oxidant Vitamin C, leaving your skin feeling fresh and sparkling clean.
Price: Rs. 135 for 100 gm

Lakme Melon Melt facewash
Product description: A cocktail of Muskmelon and Watermelon in gel form that will deep cleanse, refresh and cool your skin. Rich in Vitamin A, B and C; the creamy gel will lather to transform your skin into never before freshness, radiance and hydration. It will rehydrate the pores while the natural luffa of the fruit fibres gently rub away the impurities. So your skin remains tingling fresh with the fragrance of natural melons.

Price: Rs. 125 for 100 gm tube

1) Both stand true to their names, Citrus smells citrusy, and Melon smells melony.....Lakme fruit blast range is a sure winner with respect to the fragrance.
2) Packaging is good, flip flop, no wastage, attractive orange color for Citrus Blast and yellow color for Melon Melt.
3) Leaves face squeaky clean
4) Both lather really well

1) Melon Melt has got fibers, which provide mild exfoliation, wheras citrus blast doesnt have it...
Some might like it, especially the oily skinned girls for providing mild exfoliation, some might find it annoying, there is not too much of fibers, its kind of i am there, but i am not there...

Recommendation: Both are decent facewashes, value for money. However citrus blast can suit all skin types, but melon melt is purely for oily skinned girls....

I love Melon Melt, and i like Citrus blast :)


  1. Nice ... that was a very thought full review. Very help full for deciding. I guess i ll take melon melt for summer

  2. great review..very helpful. thanks

  3. Hey! That is a great review - I enjoyed reading it :)

  4. @chennai ponnu: thanks dear
    @jay: thanks for dropping by
    @rakshanda: you are welcome
    @vanity: i like them too
    @tanveer: mypleasure

  5. your review is very thorough, thanks for it!!

  6. that was a great review. i'm glad you liked both. i'm think of trying the melon one.

  7. I think I would prefer d citrus smell :P :)

  8. nice comparison i almost felt the same while using both of them :)

  9. gr8 wrk.. helpful for me.thanks :)


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