Thursday, March 31, 2011

Himalaya anti dandruff cream

I came across this beauty at Nivedita's blog, the moment i read about it, i knew it was picture perfect for me. I was so confident that rather than going for the trial pack, i went in for the bigger tub.

I dont have a major dandruff problem, but i do suffer from it occasionly, and more during the winters....and i hate the sight of just reminds me of black top, with white flakes and i find it disgusting...

To avert reaching upto that stage, i thought of getting this cream.
My experience with the same

Price: 175 for a 100 gm 

1) It works on the dandruff.
2) Softens my hair, tames my frizz, courtesy the Tulsi, rosemary present in the ingredient list
3) There is no itching
4) I use it with my Herbal essence shampoo and follow it up with this, and it works great for softening my hair, and keeping the dandruff at bay
5) The smell is good, i like it, my husband loves it, (Well i seriously dont know, why on earth he applies it, cos he has very soft, dandruff free hair)
6) The price is great
7) Easily available


Recommend: its a great stuff guys, with the majority of the ingredients herbal like lemon, tulsi, rosemary...


  1. Great review!! Thanks for sharing :D

  2. will check it out for sure. thanks for the review

  3. sounds nice..wud check out this n d protein cream..

    1. I used the Protein Cream hoping that it would bring some life to my dry n dull hair, but there was no much difference...I guess my hair was too
      Actually, it even amplified my problem with dandruff when applied and left it on, after shower.

      However, It worked a little when used before the wash. So, I used up that pack by applying it before and washing it off.
      It pretty much worked for its price. I am now using oil to replace it before wash :) Its working for me.

  4. Rentu, I am so moved that you mentioned me in your blog. Thank you so much and its good to know it worked for you too. Even, I get dandruffs in the winter and hahahaha! yes, it also reminds of of those ads

  5. Really! It is that nice, I'm gonna get this :)

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  7. @rakshanda, anju, bhumika, tanveer: thanks
    @nivedita: anytime dear

  8. rentuuu...this seems to be good pdt na :)
    Winters= skin and hair problems for me...;)
    sure will try this..


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