Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garnier light overnight peeling cream

Since i have oily skin, i never had a routine set for night time, this winters however my skin behaved very normally, so i introduced a night care regime. 

Product description: Pure lemon essence and natural exfoliating fruit extracts. When you sleep, it peels the dark skin cells and dullness peels off, revealing a fresh and fairer skin in the morning. Not only does it reduce dark spots, but it also prevents tarnishing.

My experience:
Price: 150 rs

1) Its actually a light cream, gets absorbed quickly
2) Provides good moisturisation, is not greasy, nor does it give a matte effect
3) My skin is softer, supple in the morning
4) I like the hint of lemon fragrance in it, neither overpowering, but a freshness to it
5) A little goes a long way
6) No breakouts

1) It claims to lighten the spots, i havent experienced that.

Will you recommend: Yes,  If you require a basic light night cream which is not greasy and keeps your skin supple, then this it. 
But dont buy it to lighten your spots, doesnt work at it..


  1. u r rt! it does nothing to lighten the spots. even am gonna post a review about this soon.

  2. I wondered about this. their day cream was such a turn off, thick, would spread, did nothing and gave me acne. What more reasons do I need not to repurchase :( How is the texture i mean in terms of thickness?

  3. ya d day cream did not work for me too..

  4. Thank you for your review. I have been searching a product that is able to lighten spots, but it seems that it is a neverending story....

    Nevertheless the cream sounds good!


  5. Very few creams/ serums actually Lighten the skin/ blemishes ... customers feel cheated :(

  6. Sounds like a great product, wish they sold it in the U.S.

  7. @anju: i agree
    @nivedita, bhumika: havent tried the day cream and now dont even want to :)
    @nivedita: it is a light cream
    @my bathroom is my castle: same here
    @shalini: true
    @kalmo: :)

  8. there r rarely creams which live up to their claims fully :(


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