Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Revlon skin light illuminating lotion

I had been eyeing this product for long...and everytime i would go to the counter, i had to return empty handed..I read the review for this product from one of my favorite blogs, here it is : http://addictedtoblush.blogspot.com/2010/03/revlon-skinlights-face-illuminator.html
Tanveer's review  is based more from the dry to normal skin type

Here's my review from an super oily skin point of view

Product description:

Instant Illumination...lasting luminosity.
Crystal complex with vitamin C & E evens skintone for all-over radiance.
Helps improve complexion.

To Use:
Shake Well. Wear alone or with foundation.
Oil-free - no animal, vegetable or mineral oil.

Price: 750 rs
It has 3-4 colors, namely Pink lights, Peach light and Walnut light available, but the Revlon counter at Pune central  had just one, Pink lights left, and i had to buy it...
My experince:
1) It gives a dewy radiant complexion, instants lifts up the glow of your face
2) It can be used in a variety of ways, truly multipurpose, it can be used to highlight the cheeks, or simple like  a foundation, the instructions are mentioned in the bottle of how you can use it
3) It gives a subtle glow, which is just perfect, i have never appeared as a disco ball
4) Quantity is good enough its gonna last me for long long time
5) Non comdogenic, major plus
6) SPF 15
1) It gets oily after 2-3 hours. Even if i use it with my matte foundation, which has the ability to keep oil at bay 4-5 hours, i get to my oily self in 2 hours
2) I dont like the pump provided, it is kind of difficult, as the standing position is towards the dispensing side. 
3) Availability is a major issue

Do i recommend: Yes for the dry skinned people, it would instantly lift your skin and give that radiant boost... For oilies only during winters when your skin behaves normally. But still be prepared with your blotting papers :P. This is one of a multipurpose product which wouldnt go waste, you can use it to give a sublte shimmer to your back, arms, legs(for that LBD)...i consider it to be a decent buy...


  1. Hey you were asking for the colorbar highlighter review na...its already on my blog!

  2. Great review Rentu:) I have the powder illuminator from Revlon and loving it...will try this out too:)

  3. thnx for the detailed review... going to Tanveer's blog now.. :)

  4. Thank you for the review. Would try this sometime in winter

  5. not for me right now...will catch it in winters :)

  6. Hey! Thks so much for the link love, I really appreciate it :D

    They have two variants in this - lotion & powder. My review was for the lotion, and I can understand how it must have felt heavy for you, actually the lotion - becoz of the shimmer very easily crosses the line between glowy & greasy.. We dry skinned gals are always looking for glow, whereas oily skinned gals are looking for matt skin :)

    But very nice review retnu :)

  7. great review. i'm a big fan of revlon :D

  8. U know dis is just for 2 $ in US !!
    v always suffer high price...
    bt dis does lift up d skin na..wud try it sumtym..

  9. @Mehak: just checked it
    @rakshanda: thanks dear
    @deeptima: tanvver has given a very detailed nice review
    @anamika: yes dear
    @tanveer: pleasure is mine
    @step: thanks
    @bhumika: its so illogical na, we are far behind US in terms of economy, and still we are priced more

  10. O Wow, I have been trying to get it from so long. :) But, even I am not able to get the shade of my choice. So far I have seen just two shades of it in my area. Hey can you put a pic of the swatch for pink one here?


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