Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Visions V* Eye-Catching Eye Liner

In my recent Oriflame haul, i had got couple of products

Visions V* Eye-Catching Eye Liner - Smokey eyes 49 rs
Visions V* Eye-Catching Eye Liner - Brown eyed girl 49 rs
Visions V* Eye-Catching Eye Liner - Green gaze 49 rs

Head Band            79rs
Cleaning Sponge    55rs
Lipstick                 105rs
Milk & Honey Soap 49rs

I got these products from Pooja, however due to the courier guys mistake, the 1st courier got lost in the transit. And the courier guys had no clue of the wherehows of the project. Pooja got a credit note from the courier guys, and she resend me the product.

The products reached me in 3 weeks. I was super excited to try them out after a long wait. 

Visions V* Eye-Catching Eye Liner: 

Product Description: Eyeliner in three enticing colours, with a hint of gold glitter. To bring out the twinkle in your eye.

My experience:


1) The price is affordable
2) I got these to be sure whether i would be able to carry off colored eyeliners, fulfilled this requirement

1) The color payoff is bad
2) Smudges badly
3) It is shimmery and not matter, after an hour the only thing that lasts is the glitter particles
4) Brown one is still ok, but the green and grey didnt show up at all on my eyelids

Conclusion: These are waste, useless, but only if you want to know whether you can carry of colored eyeliners give them a try, else conveniently ditch it. Faces eyeliners are far superior.



  1. i have never tried faces eyeiners. would like to give it a try.thanks for the review. :)

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  3. Nice way to try out colored eyeliners :)


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