Thursday, June 30, 2011

Himani Boroplus Triple Action Light Moisturizing Lotion

I have forever been using St Ives lotion, and only during my work related travel, do i switch to other brands, as St Ives bottle size is huge, and is highly inconvenient for travel. My husband's cousin is madly in love with this, and she made me move around atleast 10 shops to get this, so i thought it must be worth a try....

Product Description: (Information from the website)

Himani Boroplus Triple Action Light Moisturizing Lotion, an ayurvedic product enriched with fruit complex and sea minerals. Adverse climatic conditions, pollution, heat and stress damage your skin, making it dull, lifeless and unhealthy. Now protect your skin with Boroplus light moisturizing formula. Its easy absorption makes your skin healthy and protects it even during hot summer days. A preventive, curative and healing ayurvedic lotion protects skin from dry skin diseases, minor cuts, wounds and replaces dead cells.
An ayurvedic product enriched with natural ingredients ideal for summer. It rejuvenates the skin, making it soft, lively and glowing.

Active Ingredients:
Each 100ml contains extract of, Chandan 1.000g, Kapoor Kachari 1.000g, Ghritkumari 1.000g, Ushir 1.000g, Nimba 0.300g, Yastimadhu 0.300g, Tulsi 0.200g, Haridra 0.200g, Papaya extract 0.100g, Grape Seed Oil 0.100g, Wheat germ oil 0.100, Apple Juice 0.010g, Shankha Churna 0.005g, Mothi pisti 0.001g

Apply it all over the body, morning and night. A preventive curative and healing ayurvedic lotion for dry skin diseases, minor cuts, wounds and replaces dead cells.

Price: 45-50 for 100 ml

My experience:

1) It has a pleasant herbal fragrance, i love it
2) Non oily, it gets absorbed in seconds, which i love
3) It is moisturising
4) My skin is nourished and supple
5) Pricing is decent, though if you compare with St Ives, it is more or less equal
6) Travelling wise very convenient
7) Packaging is good
8) Ingredients are good
9) I have also applied it on my face, when i was running out of my moisturiser, works well too.., all in all i am pleased with this buy

Availability is a major issue, think of it, i have a major issue with the availability, the 1st time that i wanted to buy, i had to go through 10 medical stores/general stores and finally managed to get it. None of the Big Bazaar's, Ishanya, More, Reliance retails stores seem to stock them.. This is highly inconvenient, as i really like it, i wish they could do something to address this problem, when they can afford to have Kareena as the brand ambassador, this is the least they could do for their own good :)

Would you recommend: Yes, if you are able to find it do give a try, its worth it....and let me know where in Pune would i find it :P


  1. I loveee Himani Boroplus..its awesome..d smell is amazing..I too have a problem finding it..

  2. I have seen this one at big bazaar and all in kerala, but never tried it. maybe I will give it a try after reading your review :)I am doing ok rentu. am much better now, hoping to get back to full fledged blogging soon enough

  3. Even I stick to using St. Ives at home, but yeah I agree travelling with that huge bottle is a pain...I've seen this lotion on TV ads, but now I want to give it a try for sure..Thanks for the review!! :)

  4. I have given u a blog award! come and take a look.

  5. Yeah it smells amazing...its refreshing
    Nice review

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  6. You started such a beautiful blog and never let me know about it? :(
    Following you now. I read almost all the posts

  7. Very nice! but i dont think its availabe where i live though..


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