Friday, August 19, 2011

Mattify ultra loose powder review

A lot of you guys are already aware of my extremely oily acne prone skin type, and my forever quest to find products for the same...

While doing some random search, i stumbled upon a blog,Beauty Diaries, which introduced me to this wonderful product...

This is one of the most amazing loose powder i have come across, finely milled, perfect finishing powder. If i could take the liberty , i would so very much want to  call it  a very close dupe to MUFE HD finishing powder..

I had ordered the product through their website, I got the delivery within 7 days, which was a pleasant surprise, however to my dismay, what i received was empty envelope. I panicked and immediately sent a mail to the customer service.

The customer service person was extremely prompt and courteous, and she re-delivered the packet along with eyeshadow sample and made sure, i received my product in the most perfect condition..

I must tell, i am mightly well impressed with the customer service, i went ahead and have got the tinted loose powder ( review coming soon)
My experience:

1) Finelly milled, gives me the desirable matte effect
2) Keeps me oil free for a good 4 hours
3) Non comdogenic
4) Its the perfect finishing powder
5) Excellent customer service
6) No white cast, gets photographed well

7) Works as a great primer

1) The powder is so finelly milled that when you take it in your brush you lose out on a lot of product. But this is a problem of all the loose powders.

Would you recommend: YES YES


  1. Sounds great!! :D

  2. I also have MUFE HD powder with me, I too love it, but plz go with a light does leave a real bad whitish cast with flash photography. There was a big controversy over this and there are many youtube videos depicting the reality.

  3. Wow this is a great post, I'm now following your blog!! Follow me back, if you like?? :D

  4. I have been wanting to try this from long time..even i came to know abt it from Kimi's blog! How much did they charge you for shipping? also did u pay thru CC?


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