Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aroma magic witch hazel pack for acne & pimples

I was always enticed to buy Aroma magic products, but never had a chance since these were not available at any of my nearby stores. After reading a lot of positive reviews about, i was motivated to do online shopping.

Product Description:

Excellent for massage of acne and pimple skin. Its nourishing and healing properties help to treat acne and pimples.


Rs. 160, i got it at discount, for 150rs :)


Extracts of witch hazel, cabbage, neem, sea weed, beta-carotene & pure essential oils of juniper berry, tea tree, rosemary & eucalyptus.

I use it every morning once a day, and i quite like it


1) Its a gel based face pack, which gets absorbed easily

2) Packaging is a tub one, which i like as there is no wastage

3) Price is cost effective, it lasts for a month

4) Ingredient list is good

5) I like the fragrance

6) Helps in controlling oil (major plus), also helps in clearing the skin...

Cons: Nones

Final verdict: I would definetly buy it again, as it is an effective treatement, but it is definetly slower in giving visible results.


  1. sounds nice for acne prone skin rentu..

  2. I have been intrigued by it and was considering buying. Thanks for the review. I'd go ahead and get hold of one

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