Saturday, November 5, 2011

Aroma Magic Triphala Hair Lotion

Since The Husband has been onsite, i have been spluring on his hard earned money :P. I have been offlate having lot of hauls, recent one from Urbantouch. I never had access to Aroma magic products, so when i got a chance to splurge, without blinking an eye i ordered 2 bottles of this product.

here's my experience for the same.

Product description: A conditioning & moisturising lotion formula for oily hair. Adds body, bounce & sheen to fine limp hair. Normalises scalp oil secretion and prevents tangles.

Price: 85 from

Ingredients: Aroma Magic Triphala Hair Lotion contains extracts of Triphla, Indian Penny Wort, Fenugreek, Indian Gooseberry, Neem, Chebulic Myrobalan, Indian Valerina & pure essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender Cypress & Lemon.

It has got a watery consistency, somehow i find it difficult to apply cos of this thin consistency, quite an amount of product gets wasted.

1) The ingredient list is all natural and enticing
2) Pricing is good
3) Packaging is good for the price
4) Smells of neem, completely herbal

1) Didnt help me with the tangles. Its not an instant solution to your tangled hair, works slow.
2) No shine, body or bounce noticed
3) Though it contains neem, didnt help with the dandruff

Would you recommend: No, for me it is a complete dud..I would prefer something else, Skip it...


  1. great review, I love Aroma Magic products, so bad that it didn't work for you!!!

  2. i like knowing abt products i should not waste my money on!!

  3. too bad it didn't work for u. Nice review

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