Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crea clip review

For the longest of time i wanted to get hold of Crea clip....seeing all the reviews just made me want it...I am a kind of person, who is desperate to be self reliant. If it could be possible, i would want to do all things my self and not depend on any one, i really dont like depending on others for getting my job done...Bloated ego :P

And crea clip was one of the many which would help me for it...I enquired Mai from Crea clip of the process, and the price for getting the same.

She was extremely co-operative of guiding me through the steps to get Crea clip, letting me know of the shipping etc. She was patient enough to respond to each of my queries, as she understand 29$ is not a small money for any one, and obliged each of my mails with helpful solutions..

My experience
Crea clip comes with 2 clips one for bangs, and the other for long hair and layers

I used the smaller one for my Mom's hair, and she got lovely straight hair..i got fringes for far so good. everything is easy and comfortable.
Its a great feeling to know you can cut your hair your loved ones hair by your self. Doing all the research of what hair cut would suit your hair type for face type, rather than depending on the snooty salonist, who is interested in marketting her services of cleanups, acne treatment bla bla....

1) Help you cut hair easily
2) makes you self reliant in the hair cutting aspect :P
3) Easy to handle, customer service is great
4) Cost wise is economical, if you have 2 or more females in your household
5) Great for getting layers

1) Slightly difficult to cut your own hair, and if you have thick hair, then it could be even more difficult
2) Shipping takes time, mine took around a month.

Verdict: Overall its a great product if you are one of those types who wants to do everything by your self, and love the fact of being self reliant...its a must have for them for sure :)


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  2. I have seen this product in a lot of blogs and am much too scared to cut my own hair.But it sure seems great

  3. agree rentu..esp works great for layers and bangs..


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