Sunday, May 20, 2012

Venusia Cream

I wanted to write a post about this cream, it was referred to me by a dear friend. And there is a story for this cream to describe it's efficacy.

Sometime ago, we had an office outing, wherin we went to Adventure plus resort, as goes the name the place had a lot of adventourous stuffs like rapelling, robe climbing, lot of adrenaline rush out there....Well i participated in very few, but cheer leaded in all :), all of it under the scorching sun, which left all of us with sunburns and tanning...
I tried all what i could to get rid of the tanning, curd and honey pack, lotus whiteglow face pack, nivea cream, ponds cream but the skin peeling didnt seem to end, and all of the oily creams would give me zits, which left me worried as to why did i go for the outing. At that time, my friend gave me this cream to apply saying this might help, and gosh within one application i knew this was a wonder cream.

I immediately went to the chemist shop, got it, and realized it was Dr Reddy's, and i realized the reason why it was good. I hold  Dr. Reddy's products in high regards....
Well i recovered from the tanning in 2 days, no zits, back to my normal skin....

Enough of giving the proof of it efficacy, here's a list of pro's and cons

Price: Roughly around 200 Rs

Product Description: 
Squalene, Aloevera and Vitamin E cream
Venusia combines the advantages of squalene, an ingredient introduced for the first time in India, with the conventional healing power of aloe vera and anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E. Squalene is a part of sebum, which is body's own natural moisturiser. Venusia is non-greasy and can be applied easily over the skin.

1) This cream appears to be very greasy in the bottle, but the moment you apply to your face, it is almost absorbed instantly, there is a bit of shine, but still manageable
2) It is a miracle product for tanning and dry skin, apply it on extremely dry areas, and wake up for moisturised skin
3) Ingredient list seems to be good
4) Easy availability
5) Reliable brand

1) None

Would you recommend: For people you have tried all the creams, face packs to get rid of peeling tanned skin, give this cream a try, it really works, and also for dry skinned people it would work well.

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  1. I'am currently using it due excessive dryness, caused by some chemical side effects..hope it will work ..look promising.

  2. I have a very sensitive n oily skin not very exessively oily but yes and have red marks which is left by pimples i get pimples too it makes my skin look too old as compare to my age m just 22 please suggest which cream to use by dr.reddys

    1. I suggest Depiwhite cream. Use it on effected areas at night not more than a two weeks. Squeeze pea sized only. And use a good Sun screen in the day - La Shield Gel SPF 40. Drink atleast 3 litres of water, green tea and follow a good diet. If the problem presists please see a Skin specialist. :)

  3. yes its works really very good i definitely recommend

  4. Replies
    1. Really? Wonder how you looked before using the cream?

  5. Hi i bought Venusia Max Intensive Moisturizing Cream and i have a doubt tat whether we can use it on face ????

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  8. I have acne n pimple problem so wich product of dr. Reddy should I use ??

  9. Is this cream helpful for electric burn injuries? Actually my doctor suggest me to use this cream with contractubex gel.

  10. Hello i have raises on my face in summer day plz tell me what i use

  11. Can I use for fairness & glowing

  12. I love it too. the fragrance as well as it super hydrating nature definitely drew me towards this product. To knw more abt it visit


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