Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Addicted to Blogs

I seem to be madly obsessed with reading blogs, and these young minds inspire me to express myself as well....

The blogs are an expression of the individual, and reading them feels like having a wonderful conversation, wherein you are given a lot of tried and tested ideas, which you are open to explore, and nothing is imposed onto you.......... i seem to be have created a virtual bond with all the blogs that i regularly read.

So the thought cropped of why not just make a list of my favorite bloggers, might be useful to someone

As of now, the top 2 blogs which have impressed to no ends are........

* addictedtoblush.blogspot.com:
* wiseshe.com

If you are a keen observer, you must have noticed, i have not ranked them, cos each of them come equals in ranking for me.

The generic reasons for them to be on my toplist are:
1) Concise to the point, the blogs are not lengthy, or they dont go on and on, seem to be very much aware, that people in the office steal time to read them ;)
2) Simple lucid language, no jargons
3) All the reviews and suggestions are by far tried and tested, thats what i would like to believe ;)

A little bit about the blogs:
* addictedtoblush(Blogger Tanveer): is a blog about indian makeup products, and by far the best in the category. She gives unbiased, brutally honest comments of each of the products, and the best part is she goes a whole hog for makeup products, which means, most of the products you intend to buy, are already reviewed by her, so no waste of money :D........ And she is one reasons, why i buy a product, or stop myself buying some........ :)

And to speak of wiseshe.com(Blogger anamika): Its a one stop blog for all your problems. The blog needs to be appreciated for bringing all things under one roof. It has sections for Health, Beauty, Diet, Makeup, and even the most distant thing like maintaining drainage pipes........
Trust me, i can vouch for the effective solutions from this blog, just tried the tip of solution for clogged drainage pipes, and all the suggestions are practical and economical, which is absolutely love of the blog...

Love you both, keep up the good work...........i really dont know, whether you guys are aware of how much love, and awe you have garnered so far :) Muaah !


  1. OMG!!!

    Thank you so much ...Its my day todayyyy..

    I always loved food and that made me fat so food is love and fitness is concerned after losing lot of weight.:)

    beauty is always what i have always desired and I am a house wife now so managing home and treating people is what i like now..

    so that is what made wiseshe.com

    Thank you so much again.

  2. Awwww.. Rentu! I am so touched!

    Wow, that is high praise for me and I am feeling very humbled. Thank you so much for all the lovely things you have said. It means a lot to me :)

    Really, Thanks a lot, I am happy the blog has helped you, and tempted you as well ;-)

    All the best for your blog here. I look forward to reading your posts on your search for oily skin products.. Welcome to the blogosphere :)

  3. @Anamika, @Tanveer: Both of you absolutely deserve it........You guys have got me hooked to each of your blogs...

  4. Hey Rentu..Same Pinch..You have said exactly all that I feel for Tanveer and Anamika and their Blogs...Since I dont have a Blog myself pls allow me to thank Tanveer and Anamika through your for the great job they do...I look forward to each day for their post..Tanveer is the reason why I get so many compliments and Anamika is the reason I am so much more informed about various things in life...

  5. Hey Shweta, nice to know that, we have similar choice with respect to the blogs..........
    I am absolutely delighted that you have used this blog to present your views, :D

  6. Hey Shweta!!!

    Thanks a ton again :)..I have always been into these things since I was 10 but I never use to believe in sharing things before..

    My husband made me learn the sharing art and I share all my gather knowledge with all of you..This makes me feel on top of the world..

    Thank u guys for liking the blog:)

  7. Thks Shweta! Yr support means a *lot* to me.. But I think u already know that :D :D


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