Thursday, June 24, 2010

Putting tips into real life usage

I can identify with the confusion, that avid blog readers might have when for a single problem, you are swamped with tips and tricks to deal with........

For a problem, like dealing with acne, or losing weight, or professional problem dealing with an annoying colleague, there are thousand solutions, but what is the way to identify as to which is a foolproof solution. This has been my ordeal for a long time.

My way of identify the most apt solution for a problem is, i try to squeeze in the tip, which major bloggers mention of.. I go by the populist funda ;)

This post comes as an eyeopener about which of the tips, i have started using, and which have worked for me............

Well my favorite 2 blogs menitoned of usage of Vitamin C, like Celin tablets, or natural sources like lemon, orange for skin problems and egg whites........and since it seemed to be pretty simple a tip, i thought why not give a try......

I must say, applying lemon juice to your skin, does wonders, i feel it has tightened my skin, given it a healthy glow, and also reduce the frequency of my regular visitor(the monster pimple).......well i have also added the routine of applying egg white to my skin.........It must be the combined effect of both of them, that lead to the result :D

Another stress point that, all the readers have is how to squeeze in this tips into real life,.........Well i worked out a cheat way of doing this. :P

I have always been wanting to be regular with my breakfast, but was never able to........i realized by introducing egg and lemon juice as my breakfast, i could achieve results in 2 essential areas, to deal with my problematic skin, and have a healthy regime...

The 1st day was a little hectic, since you are not used to schedule of squeezing a lemon, breaking eggs, but from day2, things moved in a jiffy...........

I squeezed the lemon, took the required amount for my face, applied it, by the time i started my preparation for egg, broke the egg, took the required egg white, and made the remaining for omelette.

By the time my face absorbed the lemon juice, omelette was ready, washed my face, applied egg white, and started having, my healthy nutritious omelette, with lemon juice with the egg white on my face ;).........

It just takes a little more effort to try out this handy tips into you day to day life, but the fruits you reap are 1000 times worth the effort............

My suggestion please figure out which tip are you really looking forward to try, and find means to adopt it in your daily life, and for sure the results will soon follow.


  1. If you use egg white on your face every day then you will not face wrinkles problem for will close your pores too..

    You must be making tea in the morning then use the milk on your face(unboiled milk)...see the difference with in a week:)

    It is quite easy to have a beautiful skin Rentu..Trust me for that:)

  2. Hey thanks a ton, that seems to be another practical suggestion to be put to use from tomorrow... keep me inundated with such practical tips sweets :D...
    By the way, did you read the comment, that Shweta is written for you guys, expressing her gratitude to you'll...
    You guys rock :D

  3. Sure will let you know all the things...But patience is the key ..If i tell you everything then you wont value the things..when you see the difference on your face...then i will help you out in hair and fitness too...

    Also, I understand you are a working women so I wont impose my recipes on you:D

    Loads of love


  4. Hey Rentu,

    Totally agree...even I have incorporated changes in my routine and you know just after making changes within two weeks everyone had started noticing the difference..I am not a morning personal at when I am watching Tv in evening ( which around half an hour )I tr apply honey/curd on my face and also the celin tablet tip given by Tanveer ...

  5. @Shweta: results in 2 weeks, wow that encourages me to be religiously following the tips..

    @Anamika: I am already done with explaining the recipe of making paneer from malai to my Mom...i am obsessed with your posts :)

  6. Hey, you are so right.. In these busy days it gets very difficult to follow skincare.. But like you have shown - a few simple tips done while watching TV like Shweta really do pay off good dividends.

    Besides I really feel that skin, no matter how badly treated in the past, bounces back very quickly if you take care of it :)

  7. @Tanveer: i agree, our skin is just too forgiving, and reciprocates so very nicely to the love and affection given to it regularly.....I have religiously started using your celin tablet tip, and it works :D


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