Monday, June 28, 2010

Spa treat.........

The weekends just over, and it has been a relaxing pleasant weekend.....The reason being treating my husband to a spa service by myself :).........

To start off, my very thoughtful husband had gifted me for our wedding anniversary, with a Ladies day out package at Four Fountain spa.........The ambience, the treatment, relaxing massage, and the facial session made me feel like a Queen, but at the end of the day, when i realized the amount of money my husband shelled for it, made me guilty.......
I wanted to make it up for him as well, but my husband being the lazy and shy natured that he is, would never go to a spa, he would prefer the spa come to him.....

And his very nature, led me to find ways and means of how to provide him with a spa treat, which would be affordable, and yet luxorius........

The steps that i followed were as follows:
Step 1: I used Navratan oil, heated it a bit, cooled them to lukewarm temperature, added 2 camphor tablets. used this oil for head shoulder massage.

Step 2: Used a hot towel

Step 3: Used a scrub made of a ayur face wash + riceflour. Cleaned it

Step 4: Used Biotique Chlorophyll gel to moisturise

For the Facial...

Step 1: Cleaned the face with Lakme deep pore cleanser
Step 2: Scrubbed the face with curd + sugar, let it rest for not more than 5mins, Cleaned
Step 3: Heat water with lemon grass in it, and take a steam
Step 4: Clean your face with cold water, apply a facepack of camphor+lime juice+ sandalwood+multani mitti. Let it dry, takes around 15 mins
Step 5: Scrub and clean it, and apply biotique chlorphyl gel..

The spa experience can be relieved at our homes with the ingredients available at home, and some amount of finetuning with lights, and playing soulful melodies......

And i must tell you, my husband was fresh as a flower after the spa session........ :D


  1. wow Rentu...I have never used curd with sugar...I guess i will end up licking it but i will try it out for sure.

    This is really an awesome post..

    and yur husabnd is a lucky man..I have never done anythingliek this for my hubby...Now u making me feel guilty:(

  2. Hey which Camphor do you use..I mean the one which is used to protects the winter cloth or this is some organic one?

    There are camphor liqid bottle also..can i use that?

  3. Hey the camphor tablets are the ones which are generally used for Puja. They have an immense cooling effect and smell great, but be careful, dont go overboard with it, and they are inflammable as well, thats why the oil has to be bought to room temperature, and then the camphor needs to be added.......The facepack is really awesome, it smells great, do try :)

  4. ohh u mean Kapoor...I will try it out as kapoor gives a cooling effect..:)

    Also you can try out ponds tinted works well for most of the people who have oily skin..though it work for dry skin as well but many people say that it works fine on their oily skin too.

    they are available in 3 shades so check the one which matches yur skin tone .

    Also as you have oily skin(difficult to manage)therefore you can make your own tinted moisturizer also by mixing foundation with moisturizer according to requirement..You can do this till you discover your right shade and acne free tinted moisturizer.

    Hope this helps..:)

  5. Also my skin is combination but i recently moved to hyderbad and it is getting oilier day by day..
    I use biotique one it is working for me fine

    check out the review here

  6. @Anamika: do you really think it will work for me, cos my skin gets oily within 30 mins......i have to constantly use blotting paper.... :'(


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