Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amateur cooks first hit: Baingan ka bharta

I admit, i am not a great cook, but i do cook edible food, which can be had without much of problems, or later sideeffects ;)
Once in a blue moon, i do hit the bull's eye...........The recipe for my tried and tested baingan ka bharta has been asked by a lot of office colleagues, and a dear personal friend of mine, so sharing it with my blog friends as well,,,,,,,,,

Baingan Ka Bharta:

Step1: Take one big baingan, the tip to identify good baingan is to buy one which is not too hard on the exterior, it has to be pulpy, if its not, that means it will have lot of seeds, which indirectly mean quite good amount of worms in it as well...Its a tip told to me by sabjiwali aunty.

Step2: Make 4 slits on the baingan, but the stem needs to be intact.
Put 4-5 garlic pods in those slits, and let the baingan fry on the stovetop(Yes you read it right, on the stove top, not on any vessel), until the burnt smell doesnt come, generally takes around 5mins, but i love it extremely burnt, so i let it there for more time. Once its burnt completely, let it cool, remove the skin from the baingan, and mash the pulp
Its the burnt flavor that gives richness to the dish.

Step3: Take one onion, chop it, and saute the onion, along with turmeric, salt, dhaniya-jeera powder, and chilly powder, add one chopped tomato, let it cook until oil separates.

Step 4: Now add 4 chopped green chillies, and the baingan pulp.......
Let it cook for a while, finally taste it, sure going to be great, and garnish it with coriander leaves.

The baingan ka bharta is a mess to cook at, cos it leaves your stovetop in a very bad shape, the final result is all worth it.......

And the cleaning of the stove, may help you losing the inches that you gained as well :P


  1. Nice baigan Bahrta:)
    Me and my husband love it..I add frozen peas also in it to make it little colorful:)

    Hope to see more recipes:)

  2. @anamika: i so look forward for your comments...Muaah, and i am going to add peas next time, to see how it tastes :)

  3. Hey Annie, i dont know cooking (specifically ghas phus items)so m waiting when you will call me to taste from your tiffin:). Also Someone told me that you cook very good pudina chicken (dont know a starter or Main course dish). Next time i would love to taste and give my comment. Sharing Prepared Dish is better sharing Recipe. he he he;)

  4. @Annie: Sure Sai, would post the pudina chicken recipe for sure, and would share my tiffin with you as well :P

  5. Rentu-i posted lauki raita recipe for you..:)

  6. There is some problem with blogger comments today...ufff

  7. @Anamika: hey just read it, and you are a sweet heart :)...Thanks for doing it, and more of lauki, main course.....need to lose weight you see ;)

  8. My hubby uses the exact same method and makes equally delicious bharta!

    Thks for sharing this :)

  9. @Tanveer: lucky you, u have a chef at home

  10. Tried ur recipe. Tasted yum dear. Will make it again for sure.

  11. g8 recipe dear...
    plez share sum more recipes lyk this...
    m gettg married soon...
    need sum dis type of recipes...
    thanx in adv...


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