Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nature's Essence Papaya Face pack

This is a brand which i discovered during my visits to the parlour, and i realized its one of the most common brand used in parlour's across Pune... and to my surprise this are easily available at all the Big Bazaar Outlets, where i have to pay my monthly visits....

As per me, Nature's has been the most underrated brand like Dabur amongst bloggers...though its a good value for money...

What the product claims:
Papaya Pack Treatment Pack For Blemishes and Pigmentation

This Papaya extract and enzyme based pack is suitable for dark patchy, pigmented and
blemished Skin. Based on Papaya enzymes and citrus extracts, it has natural pigmentation removal properties to improve the complexion of the skin. It also removes the dead epithelial cells and replenishes with the fresh glowing skin. Ideal to be used in cases of blemishes, pigmentation, dark patches and dark complexion.

How to apply:
Just take a small quantity in your hand, and apply it over your cleaned face, and wait for 5 mins

Price: 65rs for 60 gm

1) This is another face pack, which is suitable for women on the go
2) It doesnt give you the burning sensation that Dabur facepack gives, but results are pretty similar...If i have to compare the usage of Dabur facepack and this one, Dabur is for instant lift, but Dabur has the burning sensation which makes eyes watery, whereas, this is a sublte working facepack, with more or less similar results.
3) Takes care of blemishes and pigmentation
4) Smells really good
5) Product consistency is good, easy to apply
6) Pretty much happy with the packaging


I am pretty much content with it, since it takes pretty less time, doesnt create a mess, and delivers result

My rating would it is the 2nd best facepack that i have tried in the budget range, the 1st has to be Dabur facepack...its just awesome


  1. hey i have used this one and i too agree completely. its a good pack. if u r new to nature's essence products then check out my blog u will find one for "anti-tan" that stuff is real powerful. happy blogging

  2. Hey..Even I have used this pack and found it pretty good.Infact the price is good so I use to apply it on my hands too:D

  3. @indianmakeupways: oh yes i did go through that review, will try it soon

  4. @anamika: hey i liked your pic, which you have posted of the office look...

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