Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pav bhaji recipe

It has been a long time, since i have written a post, so starting off with a simple delicacy, which i consider myself as an expert at...
This is my standard recipe for guest who dont give me a prior notice of organizing things.........

Pav bhaji recipe

2 boiled potatoes
3 chopped onions(keep a little quantity of chopped onions aside for serving purpose)
3 tomatoes
coriander leaves
dhaniya jeera powder
ginger garlic paste
salt to taste
chilly powder
1 capsicum chopped
handful of boiled cauliflower florets
Pav bhaji masala(My preferred one is Badshah Bombay pav bhaji masala)

  1. Take a pan, add butter, add onion, dhaniya jeera powder, hing, salt, and ginger garlic paste, saute it for sometime, until onion becomes soft
  2. Add 3 tomatoes, and add chilly powder, capsicum, pav bhaji masala.
  3. Cook it for a while, until tomatoes are ready.
  4. Now add boiled mashed potatoes, cauliflower florets, and cook for 3-5 mins
  5. Garnish with coriander leaves, and add a dash of butter before serving, delicious pav bhaji ready....
Serve it with lemon, and some chopped onions.

The advantage of pav bhaji is you can get away with cooking of roti's, and majority of the preparation of the dish is done by the great pressure cooker...and the result is an effortless tasty dish....

And if you are left with the sabji, you can always use it for toast sandwich, which is even better :), trust me


  1. mmmmm i love pao bhaji...i add anything in them..even boiled brinjal and lauki:D when combined with potatoes no one comes to know what i used:P

  2. hehe, i do it too, i add boiled corns, or any veggie which my hubby hates, and i want him to have it...

  3. hey eventhough am not much of a "chef" in my own kitchen....now i seriously feel like havin pao bhaji :(

  4. nice recipe rentu..i too have this on my blog.. do visit at your convenience..

  5. @indianmakeupways: hey dearie, whats your name, it becomes easier for me to communicate, like anamika, you too have beautiful eyes, and you know what bombay has excellent pav bhaji stalls...

  6. @sri: thanks Sri, you appreciating me is a great honor, i am still at the learning stages when compared to you

  7. Yum! wat a delicious pav bhaji...! very impressed with your presentation dear.

  8. we both are a carbon copy of each other:D

  9. @jay: thanks dear, i am so looking for an oppurtunity to make the almond carrot kheer, will let you know, how it turns out

  10. is pressure cooker really important to cook pav bhaji? Can i do it in a saucepan ???


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